A mobile apps review website for those who want reviews for their mobile apps. Here i will be reviewing all new apps that i find on Google Play Store. Currently i am focusing on android applications since that is something that i myself am working on. I know the troubles that an app developer has for getting his / her app reviewed  and even being played by others.

Here i will be putting out reviews of the apps that i find interesting  in terms of “usability” and just the “user experience part of the application” will be the focus of the reviews.

All fellow app developers, feel free to contact me if you want your apps to be reviewed. Each app will have its own post where i will talk about the features and other stuff.

Check out the reviews in the “Reviews” tab.

A little about myself; i have two android unity based applications that i developed from scratch. I am by no means an expert when it comes to coding mobile android applications. The reviews will be purely based on the “usability” factor and how a common user will interact with the app.  My goal is to provide a platform for mobile app developers to be recognized along with their work.

Any feedback or suggestions are always welcomed. Use the  Contact Me page to tell me what i am doing right or what i can improve on.