“Learn Multiplication Table – Fun game with panda” is a simple android application, offered by Bilgapp, for learning multiplication of numbers. You start off with simple multiplications and then gradually move towards multiplication of larger numbers. Along with learning number multiplications, feed a panda with food items that can be unlocked with points that you earn by completing each multiplication exercise.

App Concept

The application is basically a tool for practicing your number multiplications. The side concept of feeding a panda with food items is an incentive for kids to practice the multiplication exercises daily to earn points which can then be used to unlock the food items which can  be fed to the panda.

Start Screen

When you open the application, you will be presented with a image of a panda. From here you can access the settings, trophy achievements and the option of starting the multiplication exercises.

As you can see, the applications starts with a sad looking Panda. You need to give the Panda some food to make it happy. The multiplication exercises can be started by pressing the “Feed the panda” icon. Your trophies and your achievement progress can be viewed by pressing the “Trophy” icon. Click on the “Cog” icon for setting up the application for choosing the difficulty, exercise type, exercise time limit, enabling/disabling sound and choosing the application language. Additionally you can click on the “Clock” icon for setting up a remainder for practicing the multiplication exercises.

Exercises Screen

Lets start with the multiplication exercises. Click on the “Feed the panda” icon on the main screen. This will open a screen which will display all the available food items.

Each of the food items can be unlocked with points. Earn points and unlock these items. Once a food item is unlocked, click on it to feed the panda. Points can be earned from the multiplication exercises. Press the “+” icon to start the exercises.


You will start with simple multiplication problems involving small numbers initially. The application, by default, will gradually increase the difficulty by using larger numbers. The type of exercise can be set in the settings section. You answer the multiplication result for each question in the set. The set contains eight questions. Answering them will give you points.

This screen is divided into the sections; for showing the progress of the exercise set, the actual multiplication problem that needs to be answered, the timer bar and number keypad.

The Timer can be enabled or disabled from the settings option.

Solving each multiplication problem gives you points. Answering the question correctly in the first attempt will give you 2 points. Answering the question correctly in the second attempt will give you 1 point. Failing to answer correctly in two attempts will give you 0 points.

If the timer is enabled, then you have to answer the multiplication problem correctly before the timer runs out of time. The orange timer bar gets filled up completely when the timer runs out of time. Failing to answer the problem within the timer limit will give you only 1 point even though you answered correctly in the first attempt.

Once the multiplication problem is solved, the next problem in the set is then displayed. For the problems not answered correctly, the correct answer will be displayed which will help in learning the answer.

You continue answering all the 8 multiplication problems in the set. At the end, the total points earned will be shown.

Your total points can be viewed on the food items screen

Once you have enough points we can feed the panda by clicking on any of the food item. This will increase the health bar of the panda.


This will play a cute animation of the panda eating the food, which will make the panda happy. The happiness bar of the panda will gradually decrease when you open up the application next day.

Trophy / Achievements Screen

Click on the “Trophy” icon on the main screen to view your achievements. There are 5 categories of achievements;

  • Consecutive sets answered correctly


  • Consecutive sets with maximum points


  • Exercises completed


  • Number of days the application was used


  • Number of exercises in one day


Achievements Progress Screen

The achievement progress screen can be accessed by pressing the “Notepad” icon on the trophy screen.


This screen will show your achievement progress and will give you a visual indication of the next target value for each of the achievement categories. Each bar will show your current progress on the left side while the trophy target will be shown on the right side. Fill up the bar and you will achieve the trophy.

Settings Screen

The application settings can be viewed and modified by pressing the “Cog” icon on the main screen.

Lets look at the “Difficulty” options. Here you can set the difficulty level. The default option of “Increment Difficulty” will gradually increase the difficulty of the multiplication exercises as you progress. The other options for the difficulty level will set the application to use specific range of numbers in the multiplication exercises.

The next option “Exercise Type” is for setting the type of multiplication exercise that you want to practice.

The first option is for finding the result or product of the multiplication of two numbers. The second one is for finding the multiplicand value for the given equation. The last one is for finding the result of the division on the given numbers.

The next setting option is for enabling / disabling the exercise time limit. If the time limit is set, then the multiplication exercises will be timed. You will have to solve the multiplication before the timer bar fills up completely. If this setting is turned off, you can answer the multiplication problem without the fear of time running out.

The “Sound” option is for enabling or disabling the application audio.

The application currently supports the below languages;

Daily Reminder Settings Screen

The daily reminder settings can be viewed by pressing the “Clock” icon on the main screen.

This setting will allow you to get reminder notifications which will popup everyday on your mobile at the set time. 

Clicking on the notification will open the application. This feature will encourage you to practice the multiplication exercises daily.

The first setting option is for enabling or disabling the daily reminder notifications. The second option is for setting the time for getting the daily reminders.



“Learn Multiplication Table – Fun game with panda” is a simple learning tool for practicing multiplication exercises. Currently the largest number used by the application for the multiplication problems is 12. It would be good if the application can be extended to provide larger numbers as well.

The mixing of the multiplication exercises with the concept of keeping a hungry panda well fed is good . This will encourage kids to practice their multiplications regularly. Here also I hope, in future application updates,  there are more interactions with the panda which will really make kids happy to do their multiplications.

Overall I found this application very good. It has a simple user interface and a good concept which will encourage children to learn number multiplications.

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