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“Learn With Pictures” is a simple learning application which will help your kids to recognize objects within pictures and associate them with their names. It also encourages kids to build the word that they have recognized.

The application can also be customized to load your own images that you would want your kids to learn. Use your mobile camera, click a picture of any object that you would want your kid to learn. Link the image into the application and its done. This custom image will now be available within the application and can be used to teach your kid to recognize the object in the picture and form the associated word.

Start Screen

The application’s start screen consists of button which will enable you to load your custom images, reset your progress and to start with the word building process.

The start screen is designed in shape of a school compass box with various school items acting as buttons like the eraser, ruler, pencil etc.

The “Images” button will allow you to mange your own custom images. You can add or delete these images. This will be described much more in detail in the “Custom Images” section.

The “Reset” button will erase all your progress within the application. The application keeps track of how many pictures you have recognized correctly. This count will be erased allowing you to start over. This option will not delete any of your custom images that you have linked to the application. The “Start” button will allow you to start with loading the pictures on your screen.

Selection Screen

Upon pressing the “Start” button, a selection screen will appear. On this screen your are given choices to load pictures belong to different categories. Lets say, you want your kid to know more about fruits; in this case press the “Fruits” word on the screen. This will load all the pictures related to fruits.

The current version of the application has 9 categories as shown in the screen shot.

Alongside the name of the categories, you also have the count of the total amount of pictures within the category and the count of pictures that have been answered correctly. For eg. For “Fruits” category, you have not answered any pictures correctly, hence the count would show as 0. This category has 10 pictures. Hence the count appears as 0/10.

Apart from the inbuilt stock categories, you have another category named “Your Images”. This category will load the pictures that you have linked to the application.

In case you are confused on how the application word building process works, you can always open the tutorial videos by clicking on the word “Tutorial”. The tutorial consists of 3 videos which will walk you through the process of word building.

In addition, you have a folder icon at the bottom right of the screen. This icon will take you to the “Certificates” screen, where you can view your completion certificates for each of the 10 word categories.

Game Concept

Once you have chosen your category, the first picture will be loaded. This is a picture of an “Apple”.

Below the picture, you have a letter placeholders for each of the letters. Click on the “ABC..” word.


This will open up the alphabet panel where you have the letters from A to Z. Select the letters that form the word “Apple. The selected letters will be placed in the panel at the right as shown below.

Now drag the letters from the right panel and place them in their correct position in the boxes below.

Select and place the remaining letters to form the word. Any wrong letters selected can be removed by dragging them on the ‘Dustbin’ icon.

After this the next picture within this category will be loaded. This will continue till you form the words for all the pictures within the category. At end you will receive the end screen which will show a miniature version of your earned certificate.


The full version of the certificate can be viewed from the “Certificates” screen.

For each picture, for which a word is to be formed, there will be stars which can be earned. A picture could earn you 1, 2 or 3 stars. Each picture that is answered correctly, will increase your star count. This main star count is visible on the large star icon on the topmost right hand corner of the screen.

The earned stars have a purpose. They can be used for helping you out with difficult words. Press the large star icon. Your star count will reduce by 1 and one letter from the word of the current picture will be shown in the top right hand corner of the screen.

This help feature can be turned ON or OFF by the “Help” button on the application’s title screen.

Certificates Screen

You can view your earned certificates by pressing the “Folder” icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

This screen will show you all the certificates that are available. The ones that you have earned will be highlighted while the rest will be disabled.

Click on your earned certificate to view the full version.

Custom Images

The application provides you with the option of adding your own images. This will allow you to teach your kids to recognize and form words for pictures that you want them to learn.

This option can be accessed by pressing the “Images” icon on the start screen.

You will be presented with an option of setting a password. This gives you an option for restricting access to your custom images setup screen. This is entirely optional. You can press “No” to proceed to the custom images setup screen.

However, if you want to setup a password, then press “Yes”. This will open up a screen where you can set your password and a combination of question/answer.

Your password should be 3 characters long. The question/answer sections are useful in case you forget your password. Once you have entered the details, press the ‘OK’ button to go to the custom images screen. Now that you have set a password, the next time you press the “Images” icon on the start screen, you will be asked to enter the password.

Enter your 3 characters password to proceed to the custom images setup screen. In case you have forgotten your password, press the “Forgot your Password?” button. This will bring up the screen with your question/answer combination that you had set when setting the password.

Enter your answer and then press OK. This will show you your password and will allow you to proceed to the custom images setup screen.

On this screen you can add or delete your images. To add an image, press the “Add” button. This will open up an option to open your phone’s gallery. Choose your image. Once your image is linked to the application, you will be returned back to the application. Your custom image is stored within your mobile device.


Enter the name for your custom image. This will be the word that you would want your child to learn.

Once you are satisfied with the name, press the “Save” button to save the custom image.

You can scroll through your linked custom images to check all the names associated with each of your custom images. In case you want to delete an image, use the “Delete” button.

Now when you select the “Your Images” icon on the selection screen, the image that you linked will show up.

Now your kid will have to form the word which matches the image name that you set for the picture.


Learn With Pictures is a simple learning app that helps your kids to recognize pictures, associate them with words and to form that particular word. It gives you the flexibility to customize the app with your own images. This will help you to teach your kids specific words that you want them to learn.

This app is one attempt to make learning fun.

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